"Voruth" is a one man ambient electronic/synth project by Marwan Antonios. It started out back in 2014 and was heavily influenced by the space ambient genre. Since then the project took a different artistic direction while keeping its ambient identity and pushing the production quality further. 
The latest album "Arum" draws its influences from multiple electronic and non electronic musical genres. It describes a fictional word of forests, melancholy and nostalgia.


“Moonaadem” is a one man ambient black metal project by Marwan Antonios. It started in early 2016 when Antonios decided to change his musical direction, aiming for a “darker” sound.The one man band has long been influenced by black metal music and all its sub-genres. He started his musical career back in the year 2011 by recording his first demo entitled “Mon deuil ma guillotine” followed by five other releases the latest of them being “Euphorie en noir”.“Moonaadem” deals with subjects such as life, death, grief and nature, one of its main goals being making art that describes the worthlessness of life.